Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Fill out the submission form and set up a call with us!

Download our Service Deck above for pricing.

Each campaign varies in duration. Please download our Service Deck above for detailed info.

We cannot give you an accurate answer here as there are so many different variables to how a successful campaign will go and how many streams it will generate.

No, we DO NOT give any guarantees, as with any PR services there are never any guarantees. We won’t approve a campaign submission unless our A&R team truly believe we will be able to achieve maximum results. The strength of the record is VERY IMPORTANT as well as the pre-existing traction around the artist.

When the track is added to a playlist, we push to keep the song on that playlist for anywhere from
30-60 days.

We work with most genre’s, Urban, Hip-Hop, Trap, R&B, Soul, Pop, EDM, House, Rock, Blues-Rock, Indie Rock & Pop, Latino Urban Pop, and more recently Portugues Urban Hip-Hop. However, if you qualify for the World Editorial campaign, it can be any genre.

We mainly work with singles but should you want to run multiple songs or an album campaign, just mention it during your consultation and our team will put together a customized campaign to help you save money, realizing the cost that comes with releasing an EP or an LP.

We understand how costly marketing your own record can be, especially if you are an independent artist or label. That’s why we here at Playlist Pump PR Agency are able to customize a bundle deal for you to make it all worthwhile, ensuring that your release will see the light of day and get the exposure it really deserves! Not to mention the savings on the cost of the campaign.

We DO NOT offer refunds once the campaign has begun. In the never before seen case that we achieve 0 results for a client, we would offer a refund.

Unfortunately, if you don’t meet our criteria to qualify for a campaign there is nothing we can do in regards to that particular record. We are more than happy to take another record into consideration for approval.

Yes. We have a great referral program for artists and curators. You will receive 10% off the campaign price for each new artist you refer who commences a campaign with us.

Once you are ready to press the button on a campaign, you will hear from our accounts team to take you through to the next phase.

Our team of highly qualified A&R’s / Account Managers who are assigned to your campaign will be your point of contact throughout the process. We will offer you that personal service to make sure you feel secure every step of the way. Your future is our concern!

Your account manager looking after your campaign will be available to answer any of your questions throughout the duration of the campaign. They will be sending you interim & final campaign reports with transparent data on how the campaign is fairing. They will also send you emails from time to time when big playlist adds come through with the link so that you can promote the placement via your social media channels.

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