You want to reach new listeners that you win as real, loyal fans. But in a saturated market, that’s easier said than done. How do you grow your following on platforms that truly help grow your fan base? Right now, there has never been a better time to use YouTube promotion campaigns.

Why build your YouTube channel? 

YouTube is one of the longest-standing, most used platforms worldwide. It also has more money-making ability than a lot of other music streaming platforms. 

YouTube playlist promotion puts your music in front of new audiences and helps you:

  1. Increase your YouTube views  and puts your music in front of new listeners 
  2. Increase your YouTube subscribers and comments (engagement is key) 

And, did you know that YouTube plays count towards Billboard charting and royalty payments? In addition, if your video is monetized through YouTube for ad revenue, you will also gain income off of the ads run on your channel. One YouTuber recently reported she made $9000 off of YouTube ads from her video that reached 1 million views. (That pays for your promotion costs AND gives you a profit!)

How to promote YouTube videos? 

Much like Spotify playlist promotion, YouTube playlist curators with thousands to millions of subscribers carefully select music videos to add to their playlists & Youtube channels. We promote your YouTube video by pitching it to these playlist curators. 

The key to any promotion is consistency and relationships. We have strong relationships with YouTube playlist curators (no fake bots). And, unlike other streaming promotion companies, with our Youtube Playisting (premium tier) service, we carefully craft a campaign that’s catered to your goals as an artist. For example, our artist Evan Michael Green is experiencing massive success on his music video for “Good Chick,” which just hit 1 million + views and counting on youtube and 11,300+ subscribers. 

We created a customized promotion package for Evan Michael Green, then worked the song over the course of several months–pitching it to YouTube playlists and cross-promoting it with multiple different strategies & SEO work. 

Is Your Video Right For YouTube Promotion? 

Not promoting your single on YouTube could be a huge missed opportunity. The platform allows you to build serious fans and gives you more earning potential than any other platform. 

Submit your video to our A&R team to find out what kind of YouTube playlist Pr campaign would best fit you. 

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Promote Your YouTube Videos With Playlist Promotion
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Promote Your YouTube Videos With Playlist Promotion
Promote YouTube videos with YoutTube playlist promotion. How to build your YouTube channel, make money, and increase your fan base on YouTube.
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