Spotify Playlist PR Services

Our extensive industry network consists of 13,000+ playlists, 2500+curators, and a reach of 40 million+ listeners, we are able to execute playlist pr campaigns of any size for indie artists, management, major labels, and pr agencies.

Digital Media

A digital pr campaign including professional blog placements that work hand-in-hand to aid your playlisting campaign. Being added to reputable blogs amplifies the momentum and traction that our playlisting campaigns create. This seemingly obvious strategy helps streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music gauge the algorithm movement behind a release. We have built relationships with over 1000+ digital media outlets, making this service essential for any artists marketing budget.

Video PR 

Some things don't change! A music video is still an integral part of the release strategy for any artist. Whether it's a youtube premiere, Vevo release, or a video marketing campaign designed to get your video picked up by viral channels & retail outlets, we got you covered.

Tik Tok Influencer PR

We pitch to thousands of influential curators within the Tik Tok network to secure placements for your record.

Soundcloud PR

We leverage our extensive network of Soundcloud accounts to get your music exposed to millions of listeners/followers.

Instagram influencer PR

We work with a vast network of Instagram influencers and highly engaging pages to fuel organic growth by promoting your content and profile.

Snapchat Influencer PR

We work with ads & Snapchat influencers to promote content on and within the platform. "Swipe up" stories are extremely effective for redirecting traffic to social media, videos or other external sources such as Spotify & Apple Music.

Dance tastemaker service

This service is catered to electronic music artists, DJ's and producers! A Dance radio campaign focused on the stylistic market of Electronic Dance Music.


Our service explained in 3 simple steps

- 1 -

There's music... and there's great music, which we love. To maintain a high standard of art, we curate all submissions with an uncompromising quality screening process.

Based on your track fidelity, our industry experience, and statistical data, we can assess if the song resonates well on Spotify, Apple Music, and our independent third party networks. If so, we are ready to go!

- 2 -

If you are approved to commence a campaign with us, we prepare your pitch deck and receive all the content & information necessary to best set you up for the campaign with our team. Once the campaign start date arrives, we are off and running. When the campaign has kicked off, we will push to get you added on the playlist networks that we feel your genre and record will be well-received.

- 3 -

Throughout the campaign, you will receive monthly reports with all the metrics that you will need to know on spin increases, monthly listeners and follower count.
*We DO NOT utilize bots or any artificial methods for our campaigns.


Want to get a campaign started?

All of our artists go through a screening process.

1. The first step is to set up a call and share your song with our team.

2. We will go over the different promotion tiers, and talk about your needs as an artist.

3. If your song is approved by our team, then we get rocking on a personalized plan for your promotion.

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