Our extensive industry network consists of 13,000+ playlists, 2500+curators, and a reach of 40 million+ listeners, we are able to execute playlist pr campaigns of any size for indie artists, management, major labels, and pr agencies.


Want to get a campaign started?

All of our artists go through a screening process.

1. The first step is to set up a call and share your song with our team.

2. We will go over the different promotion tiers, and talk about your needs as an artist.

3. If your song is approved by our team, then we get rocking on a personalized plan for your promotion.

Optimize Your Music’s Reach with Elite Spotify Playlist Promotion Services

Navigating the music industry’s complexities can be daunting, especially for emerging artists striving to enhance their visibility on popular platforms like Spotify. Our Spotify playlist promotion service is tailored to help musicians amplify their reach organically, ensuring your tracks land on the most influential playlists.

Unlocking the Power of Spotify Playlists

1. Seamless Integration with Spotify Curators

We provide a streamlined process that connects you directly with Spotify playlist curators, ensuring your music reaches the ears of the right audience. Our service is designed to simplify the submission process and increase your chances of playlist inclusion.

2. Organic Growth and Engagement

Our focus is on fostering organic growth and genuine engagement. By targeting curators who cater to your music’s genre and style, we help build a listener base that is interested in your sound and likely to become long-term fans.

3. Tailored Campaign Strategies

Every artist is unique, and our promotional strategies reflect this. We customize each campaign to match your specific needs and goals, from genre-specific targeting to mood-based playlist placements, maximizing your music’s impact.

4. Transparent Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights into your campaign’s performance with our transparent analytics and comprehensive reporting. Understand where your music stands and how it resonates with audiences, empowering you to make informed decisions about future releases.

5. Cost-Effective Pricing

Our services are designed to be accessible to artists at all levels, offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality or effectiveness. Invest in your music’s future by choosing a promotion strategy that works within your budget.


By partnering with us at Playlist Pump PR Agency for Spotify playlist promotion, you’re not just gaining exposure; you’re building a foundation for sustained musical success. Let us help you navigate the music landscape and achieve the recognition your music deserves.


  • How do I get started with your Spotify playlist promotion?
    • Getting started is simple. Contact us today, and we’ll guide you through the setup process tailored to your music goals.
  • What makes your service different from others?
    • We focus on real, organic growth through direct connections with active Spotify curators who are interested in promoting new talent.
  • How long does it take to see results from a promotion campaign?
    • Results can vary, but artists typically see significant engagement within the first few weeks of the campaign.
  • Can you target specific genres or audiences?
    • Absolutely! Our campaigns are fully customizable to target specific genres, moods, and even geographical locations to maximize relevance and impact.
  • What is the cost of a Spotify playlist promotion campaign?
    • Our pricing is flexible, designed to accommodate various budgets and campaign scales. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your specific needs.