As an artist, you definitely want your songs to reach the largest audience possible AND get paid the highest royalties possible, right? This article tells you how Playlist Pump PR Agency leverages Apple Music Playlist campaigns to help you achieve better reach and more monetization.

What Is Apple Music Playlist Promotion?

We have been offering Apple Music Playlist Promotion for just over one year exclusively to our existing clients (being one of the first in the space to offer this service) but we decided it’s time to go public and offer it to every artist out there that feels the need to divert or add to their playlist PR strategy. 

How Much Money Can Artists Make On Apple Music Playlists?

The decision of which streaming platforms to use can be difficult when there is an abundance of options including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, or Youtube, to name a few. Each platform comes with its own advantages – some offering higher volumes of third party playlist networks, some offer a higher average number of streams per month- and others pay independent artists higher royalties on streams than another. 

One of the most commonly used streaming platforms, Spotify, pays $4000 USD to independent artists per one million streams. Apple Music Playlist, on the other hand, offers significantly more at $5000 USD royalty to artists per one million streams. Now some of you may think an additional $1000 USD isn’t a big difference but it makes all the difference for an Indie artist. Believe us, we know! 

For many indie artists, it can be an obstacle breaking songs onto a reputable brand platform in the first place. This is the reason Playlist Pump PR Agency makes it easier for independent Hip Hop, RnB, Pop artists Breaking your songs into the Apple Music algorithm and official editorial playlists of Apple Music, with a readily available strong and targeted follower base Is what we are aiming to achieve  here at Playlist Pump Pr Agency. 

With regard to the volume of third party playlists and average streams per month, some well-known competitors such as Spotify do presently have a higher volume and average streams. However, rest assured that the volume and capacity for Apple Music’s playlist networks are growing and will continue to grow over the next few years, whereby its streaming numbers will grow in tandem. 

How Soon Will Artists See Results With Apple Music Playlist Promotion?

Playlist Pump PR guarantees that artists will be placed on these playlists for 30 days minimum. The exact number of streams on Apple Music Playlist campaigns depends on a number of variables such as playlist position and how many ads currently run on the playlists.

Think of this as a long-term investment. The more time allowed to stream songs with Apple Music, the more third party playlist networks will be added over the years, and the more royalties you will be paid in the long run. But even if an artist just wanted to trial Apple Music temporarily, Apple Music’s higher royalty payouts mean it’s even possible to make the same amount of royalties on Apple Music even for a lesser amount of streams as compared to Spotify.

As for the analytics, artists can view their streams on the Apple Music for Artists platform, with the full transparency of backend data. Note: You cannot view this information in the Apple Music app or platform itself like in Spotify at the moment, so please get in contact with our A&R team to get more information on this new Apple Music PR service.