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YouTube Playlisting - What You Get


Monetizing your playlists on YouTube is still a great source of income. Getting your playlist in front of the right audience involves adding advertisements to your videos and playlists. You need to apply for the YouTube Partner Program to monetise your playlists. Our Basic and Standard packages are customizable to your budget; however, the minimum budget for effective results is $600. Any less would not achieve the critical mass and momentum necessary to achieve success on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Premium packages consist of premium-quality influencers, a content creator network, and channels. These are our most popular packages, and they feature quality content creators and influencers who can sell the artist’s song with their creative content.


Youtube Playlisting
4-week campaign pitching to our YouTube playlist network with a reach of 1.3 billion+ total playlist views. On average our playlist network is being played 1,700,000 times daily.
  • $500 minimum


Youtube Playlisting
This Premium tiered pitching campaign caters to Pop and Hip Hop genres, and focuses on premium user-generated & tastemaker playlists. Tailored for artists who only want to focus on one of these particular genres for their video release.
  • $2,800 minimum


We implement strategies to gain momentum, maximize reach & increase views to your video release by targeting the right demographic to your yt channel. This campaign is customized to your budget - the more you invest, the more traction you get.
  • $500 minimum


We boost views permanently, using SEO marketing to make your video more accessible in the Youtube search engines and algorithms.
  • $150


How long does the campaign run for?

Four weeks.

What is the minimum budget?

US $500.

How many playlists are in the network?

Currently, there are more than 80 playlists in our network. However, we will be steadily adding more playlists to our service and continue to grow.

What is the reach for the playlist network? How many views cumulatively and how many subscribers are across the total network?

Our playlist network reach is already 1,350,315,796 total playlist views. On average, our playlist network is being played 1,700,000 times daily. Playlist subscriber amounts are not being displayed publicly.

What standard of YouTube influencers and content creators do you pitch to?

We pitch to YT playlist curators with at least 3,000 total daily views on a single playlist.

Are they quality standard playlist networks and channels?

Since we track down our curators through SEO positioning, we only deal with organic exposure. Now that there are only a few officially curated YouTube playlists, there is a wide range of attractive keywords owned by the independent curators in our network.

Unlike in Spotify, we don’t need soundtrack playlists here. Besides, our playlists are well-curated and feature big artists as well as good quality independent acts and their videos.

Do you accept lyric videos and what are the conditions if you do accept them?

We do accept lyric videos. We are rather focused on the quality of the music. Yet we believe that music videos have a much better impact on the viewer.

Do you accept short film length music videos with dialogue?

Since our playlists focus on the actual music component of the videos, we usually won’t accept any music videos with dialogue or longer visual parts without music. However, we can still review every music video and decide according to our assessment.

Do you send reports after the campaign is finished?

Within the YT platform, the client will see the amount of playlist adds and we invite them to check their YouTube analytics as all data can be seen there. In order for us to provide summarizing reports, we’d need to have access to the YouTube API’s, which we prefer to avoid in this case.

What genres do you cover for this YouTube playlisting campaign?

We cover almost every genre. However, we want to point out that genres like Pop, Pop/Rock, Hip-Hop, Country and Top 40 dominate our playlist network.

So the more the budget, the better the results right? Can you give an example of some numbers? Say, for US $500, how many views would you get from the campaign? How many would you get for US $1,000?

With a budget of $500, we will aim to get your video into playlists which will provide a total of 40k+ total views daily. We push for our curators to add your video somewhere between spots 1-30.

From our experience, on average, songs that will be placed on spot 20 receive roughly 1.4% of the total view amount from a playlist. This means you could get around 620 daily views from such playlists (on spot 20) on a playlist that does 44k total views daily.

With a promo duration of 28 days, that could lead your song to almost 18,000 views. We will try to work linear, which means you will get adjusted results with any amount of budget above $500 That means you could roughly expect 36k-40k views for a $1,000 campaign.


We use proprietary methods to advertise across user-generated playlists on YouTube, as well as target ads run natively on Google, and Facebook.

Our approach results in organic views and a substantial increase in the engagement/retention rate, driving up views, likes and subscribers to your profile.

Our years of experience, thousands of dollars spent, and great retention rates for long term effects give you a significant advantage in promoting your video.


100 K min. per month strictly from campaign
  • POP: $2,800
  • HIP HOP: $3,500


300 K min. per month strictly from campaign
  • POP: $5,300
  • HIP HOP: $6,000


500 K min. per month strictly from campaign
  • POP: $8,800
  • HIP HOP: $9,500


1 M min. per month strictly from campaign
  • POP: $15,000
  • HIP HOP: $16,000


Want to get a campaign started?

All of our artists go through a screening process.

1. The first step is to set up a call and share your song with our team.

2. We will go over the different promotion tiers, and talk about your needs as an artist.

3. If your song is approved by our team, then we get rocking on a personalized plan for your promotion.