4 Questions You Need To Ask About Spotify Promotion

You know you need Spotify promotion and other playlist promotion to propel your career forward. But digital playlisting is kind of like the wild west, so how do you know what to look for when hiring a promotion agency?

Question 1: Is there a human on the other end?

Legit playlist promotion companies base their networks on real relationships with playlist owners and the artists they promote.

The first question you want to ask yourself is if you’re interacting with a real human when you reach out to a potential playlist promotion company. 

If the company you’re looking into is an automated service, steer clear.

Question 2: Is the playlist engagement organic?

Unfortunately, some services use bots to manipulate both follower counts and the number of plays on a track. So how can you know the plays a company helps an artist generate are organic?

You want to look at the monthly listener count. Bots cannot manipulate the monthly listener count–so this is one number you can trust. If a monthly listener count is rising, you can be sure the spins you’re seeing are organic and real listeners are on the other end.

Question 3: Is a promoter giving you guarantees?

A promoter who gives you any guarantees = a MAJOR red flag. Yes, you want to find a Spotify playlist promotion company that has a great track record, but that doesn’t guarantee you a certain amount of plays.

There are services out there that will actually advertise on their site that you will receive a certain amount of plays. STAY AWAY.

Real promotion depends on the discretion of the playlist curators and how well a track fits their playlist

Question 4: Where do their playlist networks come from?

You want to ensure the promotion company doesn’t personally own any of their own networks or playlists. Ask to confirm their lists are based off of real relationships with playlisters who are not under the umbrella of the promotion company, masked by a different name–aka “payola.”

Unfortunately, payola has been around in radio since the 40’s. Today, this sketchy practice has found its way to the digital side of the music industry.

According to Spotify’s T&C’s, it’s actually illegal to charge someone money for their own lists. That’s why it’s important to ask where the promoter’s networks come from.

When used correctly, Spotify and other playlist promotion can truly break you as an artist. But Spotify and other digital platforms are starting to monitor unusual activity more than ever.

If you’re working hard and investing money towards increasing your fanbase, the last thing you want is for a platform to ban you–no bueno.

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