With the ever-changing landscape of the music industry, one thing is certain–playlisting campaigns and digital promotion are key. However, many artists and their teams lack the music promotion strategy that will truly maximize their reach and get them in front of the most listeners.

Add that to fake bots and changing algorithms, and knowing what to do for promotion and where to spend your promotional dollars can get tricky.

The Best Way To Promote Music Online

How do you maximize your music promotion strategy to get the MOST real, new fans?

Making sure that your release performs the best it can on digital platforms, takes strategy and a more ‘holistic’ approach. Read below to learn how combining promotion across multiple platforms creates a “snowball” effect that really builds momentum.

Therefore, it’s crucial to be strategic in HOW you promote your music online will really set you apart from the competition, whether you’re a label or an independent artist.

Combine These 4 Music Platforms To Maximize Campaign Success

The following platforms are commonly used for music promotion and/or playlisting. Each of these mediums has its own benefits, but when combined together, they can create a LOT more traction & algorithm triggering than by themselves.

Spotify Campaigns

Spotify playlisting is the foundation a lot of artists build their digital music promotion around. It is a powerful way to get your music heard by new audiences, from independent playlists to Spotify sponsored playlists. When you combine Spotify playlist promotion with the following additional platform campaigns, you can really boost your results and create a more lasting listener base.

TikTok Campaigns

TikTok promotion puts your music in front of thousands (in some cases millions) of new fans. This strategy uses a network of carefully curated mega-influencers–who will post your song to their video content & follower-base. Many artists experience HUGE results almost immediately from this.

Shazam Campaigns

Shazam is still recognized as one of the most valuable indicator tools for both the record industry and radio stations. For example, radio stations will look at trending Shazam plays and the territorial charts in order to decipher if a song or artist is trending, and often base their radio station playlists off of the data Shazam provides.

In addition, labels will often review Shazam on a regular basis to be the “first to find” new, trending talent. Not to mention the benefits this has for your Apple music streaming count and to potentially help boost the algorithm on your Spotify. This is why taking part in a Shazam campaign can prove so valuable to an emerging artist.

YouTube Playlisting, YouTube Boost, & YouTube SEO Campaigns

While a lot of the world of music lovers listen to Spotify, a good portion of people watch & listen to their favorite tunes via Youtube. For example, did you know that most of South America (Brazil, etc.) listens to their music via YouTube? That means that neglecting this channel of promotion leaves potential fans totally out of the loop.

Youtube campaigns have a lot of variety that other channels can’t offer. For example, you can boost your youtube video through ad spend, you can hire a promotion team to do a playlist campaign (where your song is playlisted on HUGE influencers’ & tastemaker youtube playlists), and you can do a Youtube SEO campaign, where keywords and search optimization are implemented in order to maximize your song’s visibility on Youtube and Google.

Another pro of using Youtube promotion as part of your release strategy? It pays better. You can earn money on Youtube in three ways:

Successful Music Promotion = Consistency Over Time

Online music promotion produces the best results when it’s strategic, as discussed above. But, artists and labels also need to understand that the other key to successfully building your fanbase online is consistency over time. While combining platforms for cross-promotion can maximize and speed up your fan growth, you need to think big-picture over time.

Too many artists or companies only approach music promotion in the “now.” So try to adjust your expectations and think objectively about the long-range game plan.

More About Playlist Pump PR Agency

We are an independent playlist pitching agency, empowering, and bridging the gap between artists, curators, and fans. Our team organizes customized campaigns ranging anywhere from one-six months, depending on budget.

We have personal relationships with all of our curators (and we DO NOT utilize bots or any artificial methods for our campaigns). Each of the artists we work with receive regular metrics on spin increases and stats. Our reports will show you trending information for your catalog, what songs are working, and where they are working. This will allow you to understand where your music is being heard.

Want to chat about a personalized music promotion strategy that best fits you and your budget?

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