What Is Tik Tok Music Promotion?

If you were born this century, you’re probably familiar with Tik Tok (or else it’s time to google it and get with the times lol). It’s a fun, interactive video-sharing app that’s taken the world by storm. And if you haven’t heard, it’s a MASSIVE opportunity for gaining millions of new listeners. That’s why we are excited to announce we’ve expanded our Tik Tok music service. If you haven’t considered a TikTok campaign, you’re missing out on a serious fan-building & exposure opportunity.

How Does Tik Tok Music Promotion Work?

First, it’s important to make sure you choose a song that’s immediately catchy with a very strong hook. This is key for the TikTok platform, as everything is recorded in short sound bytes. 

We share your song to our network of the top influencers and content curators on the planet. Then, they share your song as part of their Tik Tok posts. This exposes you to millions of potential fans at a rate that is unbelievable. 

Reach Millions of Views On TikTok 

Check out some of our recent Playlist Pump PR Agency artists who have experienced MASSIVE reach on Tik Tok. As you can see, when combined with other online music promotion efforts, and our extensive network of 250 million in influencer reach, the results are incredible!


    Song: Don’t Start Now
    Views: 2,033,900
    Tik Tok adds: 13.3k

    About the Artist: This young teen group is new on the scene who first formed in 2019 covering hit songs. They are now working on their first original album. Their cover of Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now,” is clearly a favorite on Tik Tok– gaining them more than two million views. Check out more about FUTUREPOP here.

  • Max Parker

    Song: Something About You
    Views: 1,115,400
    Likes: 168,627
    Comments: 2114
    Shares: 323

    About the Artist: This Canadian artist’s most recent single “Something About You”, released in April 2020. It’s now surpassed 300,000 streams on Spotify and has received more than a million views on TikTok. Check out more about Max Parker here.

Grow Your Fanbase with Tik Tok Music Promotion

Our Basic and Standard packages are customizable to your budget, and we will help advise you on what fits your goals best. We want to help you achieve the critical momentum necessary to gain success.

Premium packages consist of premium quality influencers and TikTok channels. These are our most popular packages with quality content creators, influencers & TikTok channels who can sell the artist’s song with their creative content.

Why Work With Playlist Pump PR Agency?

When very few promotion companies even knew what Tik Tok was, our agency was already a frontrunner for TikTok service. For two years, we have helped musicians like you gain millions of new fans on the platform.

We know exactly how to approach Tik Tok service with a carefully planned out strategy of which songs have what it takes to skyrocket, and what influencers to personally connect your music to.

Contact our A&R team to see if your upcoming single is a good fit for a Tik Tok campaign.



  1. What is TikTok’s Promote feature and how can it benefit my brand?
    • TikTok’s Promote feature allows you to amplify your content’s reach, targeting specific audiences and tracking performance to optimize your promotional efforts.
  2. How can I create content that stands out on TikTok?
    • Focus on originality, engage with trends thoughtfully, and always aim to add value or entertainment to capture the attention of the TikTok community.
  3. What metrics should I track to measure my TikTok promotion success?
    • Key metrics include engagement rates, view counts, follower growth, and the performance of specific calls to action.
  4. How often should I post content on TikTok for effective promotion?
    • Consistency is key; aim for a regular posting schedule while maintaining content quality to keep your audience engaged.
  5. Can small brands effectively promote on TikTok?
    • Absolutely, TikTok offers a level playing field where creativity and engagement are valued over big budgets, allowing small brands to shine.

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