A Songwriter’s Job Description

We usually focus on Spotify and other playlist promotion topics on our blog. (Obviously because we are a music promotion company.)

But at the end of the day, we are a company run by artists for artists. We are in the writing rooms and studios alongside you. So let’s put playlisting and campaign planning aside and speak candidly for a minute on something we all struggle with: rejection.

It’s the job of the songwriter to say what no one else is saying. Which means by default, sometimes our songs aren’t always met with acceptance. And that does not feel great, to put it lightly.

What do you do when you feel rejected for something you poured your heart into? When all you really want to do is climb under a rock?

Understand The Importance Of Your Words

Historically, music has always been the first wave of shaping culture–civil rights movements, breaking down barriers, and inspiring change.

You may feel like your song is just another in a sea of music. But right now, our world needs your music more than ever. We are all “connected” like never before through social media, and yet, people are statistically more isolated and depressed than ever before. People are longing for connection. How do we help bring people together?

Music. It makes us feel less alone. Helps us feel seen and understood in a way that little else can. It creates memories and bonds. It crosses the boundaries of color, race, or religion. 

The words you choose to sing matter. Even if the song is about getting drunk in a bar. Bringing happiness to people who feel alone or are having a hard day matters. 

When Someone Reacts Negatively To Something You’ve Written

Let’s be real. Writing takes a whole lotta courage. What’s the scariest thing about being a songwriter? ….

You can’t control how people react to you sharing your heart and your honesty. It can feel completely naked. This can be especially scary when you’re a songwriter and you write your feelings for all to hear — You may have the best of intentions, but at the end of the day…

How someone reacts to the heart and message you offer is not a reflection on the quality of heart you are giving… let us say that again…It is not a reflection on the quality of heart you are giving…, but more a reflection on what someone is able to hold or process.

And yeah, sometimes it hurts, and makes you want to crawl in a hole. But wouldn’t we would rather live our lives open and real than carry it all inside?

So to all of our songwriters out there, be bold. 

The power of song started entire cultural movements.

Don’t be shy to share your truth.