What We Do

We have the ability to target influencers on Snapchat within the music niche to match each client’s ideal audience.

We offer targeted influencer marketing with large brand awareness on one of the most relevant and engaged social media platforms.

Our Snapchat network has the potential to reach millions across all influencers.

“Swipe up” stories can be effective for redirecting an audience to generate YouTube video views or followers on other social media channels.


+1 million impressions
Achieved in 24 hrs!
That’s how powerful this service is.

What You Get

A future-forward & tech-oriented strategy implemented on one of the most popular Social media platforms that changed the game when it was launched into the market.

A dedicated account manager to help you strategize a tailored campaign to your liking and the goal you are wanting to achieve.

Once the campaign is over, you will receive a final report with all the data & metrics from it.

Tier 1

1 Million Views
  • $1,500 minimum

Tier 2

2 Million Views
  • $2,700 minimum

Tier 3

3 Million Views
  • $3,800 minimum


Does this service cater to any genres?

Not all genres. Mainly, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, Trap, Urban, Electronic, Dance. Some Pop Rock & Country Pop are viable.

Can you use the links to direct the audience of the influencers to any of my social media platforms?

Correct, you can.

Can you also use any of the DSP’s or Youtube link as options for directing the audience?

Yes, you can. Whichever platform is going to be your strongest & want the most engagement from, is the link you provide for us to use for the campaign.

How long would a campaign run for?

The duration time of campaigns to execute and deliver results is within 24hrs. Sometimes a little longer but most of the post our network of influencers post up with the swipe up option will stay up there for 24 hrs. This window is where the most activity and results are achieved.

Are the results guaranteed for shares and impressions

No, what is guaranteed is the follower reach target as indicated in the ‘what you get’ pricing page.


Want to get a campaign started?

All of our artists go through a screening process.

1. The first step is to set up a call and share your song with our team.

2. We will go over the different promotion tiers, and talk about your needs as an artist.

3. If your song is approved by our team, then we get rocking on a personalized plan for your promotion.