TikTok is helping artists go viral. Here’s how our recent TikTok promo campaign helped Plaid Brixx gain massive listener growth. 

Plaid Brixx is an incredibly talented artist and satisfied returning client with Playlist Pump PR Agency. We are thrilled to say his recent TikTok campaign more than doubled the average expectations–gaining a total reach of 14 million viewers.

How? His music was added to 500+ TikTok videos by some of the biggest influencers and gained 640k+ likes across all video shares thanks to Playlist Pump PR Agency.

More About Plaid Brixx

Following the success of his 2014’s debut EP, Chemistry, Plaid Brixx received praise from Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Alternative Press, Diffuser, Guitar World, Songwriter Universe and more, including a nomination for Best Rock EP of 2014 by the Independent Music Association. His second EP, Plaid Brixx, was kept on “constant replay!” by Twist Magazine.

In 2017 Plaid Brixx toured with We The Kings and Cute Is What We Aim For on the WTK10 Tour. Following the release of four singles in 2018, Chris has been working on new music and plans to release the first singles from an upcoming full-length album early 2020. Stay tuned for new music and more show dates in the new year. 

Keep up to date with all things Plaid Brixx: http://plaidbrixx.com

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