As a musician, getting your music placed on popular YouTube playlists brings significant exposure to your channel and drives more viewers to your content. Not only that, but once you build a significant following, YouTube pays more than any other streaming platform out there. So focusing on growing a solid YouTube fanbase sets you up for earning more income long term. Take a look at these tips on how to get your music on YouTube playlists:

Tip 1: Create High-Quality Content

Well, this seems obvious, but it’s true. The first step to getting your videos on playlists is to create high quality content. If your videos are not attractive, informative, and engaging, YouTube curators won’t pick them up. iPhones and other smart phones can now make incredible homemade videos. Your videos don’t have to be perfect, but make sure they are well lit and engaging. Investing in a ring light and a good mic will go a long way.

Tip 2: Identify popular playlists in your niche

First, act like the consumer who you want to consume your music. Find popular playlists in your music niche. Then study their content to ensure the music you pitch flows well with the playlists you hope to get placed on.

Tip 3: Follow Playlist Curators

Follow and engage with the playlist curators you found in step 2 on all social media platforms (not just YouTube). Curators are much more likely to check out your content if they know who you are and your music resonates with their audience.

Tip 4: Network with Other Content Creators

Also connect with the musicians you’ve found on your “Playlist wishlist.” Start up a genuine conversation, compliment their music. Then, share your music with them and ask if they would like to collaborate.

Tip 5: Use Relevant Tags and Descriptions

This helps make it easier for YouTube algorithms to categorize and recommend your videos for specific playlists. Figure out which tags to use by watching what’s trending in your music niche and looking at what tags they use.

Tip 6: Explore Hiring a Playlist Promotion Company

While it’s great to network and create relationships of your own, hiring a playlist promotion team helps to maximize your efforts. Playlist promoters are able to cast a much wider net and push your song to hundreds of playlists on YouTube (and other platforms) simultaneously. In music, growth is all about building momentum. Make sure to ask these questions before hiring a playlist promoter.

Tip 7: Post on Social Media

Promote your videos on social media and other platforms to bring attention to your content. The more views and interactions your music videos get, the higher the chances of getting picked by YouTube curators.

In summary, getting on playlists takes time and effort. You need to create high-quality content, network with other content creators, and engage with playlist curators to get your videos on popular playlists. To speak with a playlist promoter about how YouTube playlist promotion can help your career, reach out to someone on our A&R team here.